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Adam Willard Net Worth

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Net Worth$6.5 Million
Full NameAdam Willard
Date of BirthAug 15, 1973
Birth PlaceUnited States of America

Adam Willard was born in California and has an estimated net worth of $6.5 million dollars. A successful drummer, Adam Willard has played with such bands as, Rocket from the Crypt, The Special Goodness, The Offspring, and briefly with Social Distortion. He is a founding member and the drummer for the band, Angels and Airwaves.Adam David Willard (born August 15, 1973 in San Diego, California), known professionally by the pseudonym Atom, is an American drummer who has been a member of several notable musical acts. Willard’s drumming career began in 1990 when he joined Rocket from the Crypt, whom he remained with until 2000. Subsequently he joined The Special Goodness and The Offspring, and in 2005 became a founding member of Angels & Airwaves. In 2007 Willard announced his departure from The Offspring to focus on his work with Angels & Airwaves, and in April 2009 he also joined Social Distortion, but left the following March. In June 2011 he joined the band Danko Jones and in the following October he announced his “amicable” departure from Angels & Airwaves.
Willard joined the San Diego, California rock band Rocket from the Crypt in 1990, after their original drummer Sean had moved away from San Diego. In a 2006 interview Willard recalled of the experience:
Willard performed on Rocket from the Crypt’s second album Circa: Now! (1992) and subsequent albums Hot Charity (1995), Scream, Dracula, Scream! (1995), and RFTC (1998), as well as numerous EPs and singles. During his years with the band he toured the United States and Europe. Willard recalls several wild tour experiences with the group such as touring in a box truck and an airport shuttle, both at his suggestion. In 2000, however, he decided to leave the group due to disagreements with the other members over the band’s direction:
Willard was replaced in Rocket from the Crypt’s lineup by Mario Rubalcaba.
After leaving Rocket from the Crypt Willard served as a drum technician for Weezer. In 2000 he filled in as a touring drummer for the Alkaline Trio and appeared with them in the music video for the single “Private Eye”.[citation needed] He soon joined Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson in his side project The Special Goodness, in which Willard drummed while Wilson sang and played guitar.

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